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Our Marketing Strategy:

Direct selling also helps Brimore to make the customer a part of the selling circle which rewards him with a percentage of the profit and help the young people and the housewives who want to find better income chances for them and their families.



So our offer is:


Direct Selling:

Direct Selling (Multi-level Marketing) is simply a different way of selling products to customers. In traditional retail businesses, products are made by the manufacturer, sold to a retail shop and then sold on again to the consumer.

Direct Selling employs a different way of selling products to the consumer. Products still get made by the manufacturer, but they are delivered straight to the end user, cutting out the retail shops in addition to all consequences transportations as well as the pre-sell advertising and marketing campaign. It’s a much more efficient way of doing business.

The distributor/member within Direct Selling earns a reward for every sale of product that they personally generate. That’s not all – when they promote the business and help others to join, they also earn a reward for the sales those new distributors/members make.

In other words, you need to grow your business and support your team to grow theirs, because you earn profits on the amount of product that moves through your whole business.

Why choose Direct Selling?
There are many reasons that people choose to start their own Direct Selling business. There are huge lifestyle benefits associated with building your successful business.

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