About Brimore

Brimore is a social commerce and parallel distribution platform allowing local suppliers have nationwide coverage through a network of individual distributors (Mostly housewives) selling their products in their circles using all possible channels (omni-channel)

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How It Works

Customer Benefits

Product is listed
Quality Validation is done
Market penetration plan is Aligned

Registration Cycle

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Order Cycle

Our Distributors spread the word and sell
Track your market performance real time
Enjoy reaching areas you couldn't penetrate before

Enjoy a smooth way to Market through our extensive network of distributors who make sure products are reaching the desired consumers

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Biz Opportunity

Sign Up now to get the latest offers and product, know how you can win from Brimore

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When you sign up with Brimore, you get monthly offers and discounts on the products, you can sell them and win your retail margin

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You can list as many retail shops as you can, and be their supplier
Just collect orders from them, and we will ship it to their doorsteps and get a monthly bonus

Become A Partner

Build your sales team, and get bonuses on the overall performance

get a solid opportunity to start your own business and achieve your personal and financial dreams

Why Birmore?

Our philosophy is relocating marketing, sales and distribution expenses on people who buy and refer the products, that's why Brimore as a service gives manufacturers a smooth way to market, and as a platform gives our distributors a huge social and economic empowerment opportunities.


Get the best deals, build a sales force, and enjoy a wide range of products with the highest profitability plans.


No setup cost, no operational nightmares, no lost marketing cost. With Brimore enjoy the most efficient sales tools, analytics, and soon enough real time market tracking for on the ground sales.

You can work from home, part-time in your spare time
You can pick the hours you work

Meet Our Family

Mohamed Abdulaziz

Chief Executive Officer

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Ahmed Sheikha

Chief Business Officer

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Mahmoud Refaay

Partners Capability Manager

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